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"With a sound reminiscent of the Mooney Suzuki penned title track from Jack Black comedy School of Rock or a less grimy version of the Sunset Strip sound of the late 80s and early 90s, Michael makes rock tunes that are damn near impossible to dislike and fully impossible to hate."

- Justin Harlan, The Farsighted

"The album is a concerted effort to bring rock ‘n’ roll back to its core, to strip back all of the superfluous... Riffs, energy, and fun are prioritized over deep concepts and intellectual posturing..."

- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

"Take the opening track and self-titled single, “Rocking Into Midnight,” which turns back the clock to epic 70s rockers, emulating the likes of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC, as if it just missed the cutting room floor of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack."

- Will Oliver, We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Is rock ‘n’ roll just a distant part of history? With one listen of Sanjay Michael’s new single “Rocking into Midnight,” the answer is most certainly not... It’s got it all, punchy riffs, a catchy chorus, and so much heart."

- Newsdesk,

""Rocking into Midnight” is a romp through "we gotta see that movie, duuude” movie trailer music ambiance... A reminder that he isn’t a two bit hustler comes in the form of Michael’s ability to handle his acoustic with copycat style as well as his electric, with songs like “Fly Away” mirroring the same type of mood that early Led Zeppelin accomplished so f***ing terrifically... Sanjay is worth a classic rocker’s time."

- Harry, EMCEE Network

"This is a truly old-school album. A love letter to the tracks we grew up with. Def Leppard, John Mellencamp, AC/DC. Upfront and honest, telling stories of love and power and fights and rock n roll itself... We need more records like this"

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, Noho Arts District

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